Cultural Influence

Cultural Influence

We also include in this category two parental characteristics that affect parenting—mental health and substance abuse. The elements of a safe and healthy physical environment differ according to a child’s developmental stage. The American Academy of Pediatrics has conducted extensive reviews of the literature to establish the evidence-based recommendations in The Injury Prevention Program, an age-appropriate prevention education program (/ for physicians and families. Recommendations include counseling parents on use of infant car seats, never leaving infants and toddlers alone in pools or bathtubs, the use of safety equipment for in-line skating and skateboarding, and firearm safety. Housing conditions can contribute to the incidence of asthma, injuries, and lead poisoning .

As children age, they spend more time in physical locations outside the home, such as child care, school, and workplace settings that expose them to new physical environments. Behavioral influences on children’s health are often reciprocal, both influencing and influenced by parents, peers, and others. This section focuses on the internal psychological factors that underpin children’s behavior, with implications for subsequent health outcomes.

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Documentation of the overall effect of services specifically on children’s health is more limited. A 1985 publication on the importance of health keto diet services on the incidence, prevalence, and severity of 16 important conditions in childhood illustrated the importance of access to health services. However, this study provided no quantitative estimates of the total magnitude of effect of health services on the child population, and it predated numerous new vaccines and other general environmental improvements that have further reduced morbidity and mortality.

  • All sorts of misinformation is published on Wikipedia, and that’s particularly alarming from a medical standpoint.
  • If you find information that downplays your condition, you might fail to give it the attention it requires, which could result in a more serious situation.
  • If you have health concerns, talk to your doctor—don’t rely on the Internet.
  • If you find exaggerated information about your condition, it could cause unnecessary anxiety.

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Expression of genes has a profound influence on the health of the individual. Gene expression is determined by many factors, such as promoters, regulators, mutagens/carcinogens/teratogens, X-inactivation, message stability, rate of protein degradation, prior exposures, all of which are affected by the environment. Interactions between genes and the environment influence different physiological pathways and adaptation and may lead to adaptive or maladaptive phenotypes.

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It was also based on a model of health that was more disease-oriented than the multifaceted conceptualization of health proposed in this report. Although the nature and degree of family influences on children change over time, both experimental and nonexperimental evidence indicates that the family continues to have direct influence on a child’s decision making well into adolescence (Larson, 1974; Romer, 1994). Family processes consist of the ways in which family influences operate to affect children’s well-being. They include parenting styles, the provision of family environments, and health habits that may be beneficial or detrimental to children’s heath.